Saltwater Fishing Gear

Fishing in saltwater is all about the gear. Saltwater fishing equipment like rods, reels, nets, gaffs, pliers, clothing and electronics don’t just make fishing easier and safer, but also more fun. Learn how to choose the best saltwater fishing gear for your fishing needs.


Saltwater Rods & Reels

Saltwater Rods & Reels

A good saltwater rod and reel combo should be your top fishing gear choice to catch fish.

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Helpful Saltwater Fishing Tools

Saltwater Fishing Tools

Nets, gaffs, pliers and hook removers need to come together to land the fish of a lifetime

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What Saltwater Fishing Clothing to Wear

Saltwater Fishing Clothing

Wearing the right clothes and accessories is key to being safe and comfortable.

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Saltwater Fishing Electronics Guide

Saltwater Fishing Electronics

Electronics will help you locate fish and communicate in any emergency.

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