Fly Fishing Basics

Now that you have decided to learn how to fly fish, you will need to think about the types of waterways you want to fish and the fish species you want to catch. The answers to these two questions will determine the kind of fly fishing gear you need and the different types of flies to choose.

Learn How To Fly Fish

Where to Fly Fish: Top Spots

Getting Started

Get started with fly fishing tips for locating the best places to fly fish.

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Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Grab some gear, follow the fly fishing basics on the infographic and head out.

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Fly Fishing FAQ & Essential Info

Fly Fishing FAQ

Find the answers to some of the most common fly fishing questions, definitions, and more.

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Fly Fishing Tackle Assembly

Tackle Assembly

Learn fly fishing basics for assembling and disassembling your fishing tackle.

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Fly Fishing Fly Tying Basics

Tying Flies

Get fly fishing basics for tying flies specific to the type of fish you want to catch.

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Professional Fly Line Mending Tips

Fly Line Mending

The art of mending allows you to let your fly go farther upstream or downstream.

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Fly Fishing Knots

Learn proper fly fishing techniques for creating the best fly knots possible.

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