How to Boat

Learning how to boat is easier than you might think. Just sign up to take a boating education course so that you can learn safe boat navigation skills. Part of boating responsibly, includes the understanding of how to read nautical charts along with the different types of buoys and markers.

Boat sailing in the ocean

Learn to Sail: Helpful Suggestions to Get You Started

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Fishing boat on an ice lake

7 Tips for Breaking Ice With Boat Hulls: Say What?

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Learn How to Boat

Boat Trailering Basics

Learn the ins and outs of how to get your boat to, into, and out of the water.

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Boat Gas Saving Tips

Check out these easy to follow, gas saving tips that will help you reduce gas consumption.

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Nautical Charts

Knowing the way on the water helps you become a more confident, and responsible boater.

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Boat Navigation, Rules and Regulations

Navigation rules establish actions for boaters to take to avoid a collision.

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Federal and state boating rules

Federal and State Rules

Learn what topics are covered by federal and state boating rules. Be a responsible boater.

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Boat Anchoring Basics

Learn how and where to anchor your boat properly. Learn how to evaluate your location.

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Boat Handling Basics

Get more information about steering, speed, gear shifting and how planing hulls operate.

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Boating Responsibly

Learn how to take care of your crew and your boat, learn your responsibilities.

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Buoys and Markers

Get to know the various signs and markers and how they’ll help lead your boat on the water

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Boat Hauling Basics

Learn how to transport your boat safely from home to the launch and back again.

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Power boat with blue shrink wrap

Boat Storage

Follow these simple steps to properly storage your boat. Preparation, tips and more.

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