Boating and Water Safety

Boating and water safety go hand in hand. By making a few important safety preparations prior to each trip, such as filing a float plan and reviewing the boating rules of the road, you are on your way to practicing responsible boating.

sailors practicing boat safety on the water

Boat Safety: An Ounce of Prevention

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Woman fishing on a kayak

All You Need To Know About Kayak Fishing

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Boating Safety Info

Boat Safety Courses

Education is one of the most important aspects of boating safely and responsibly.

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Emergency Protocol

It is important to be prepared if an emergency occurs while you are out on the water.

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Boat Safety Equipment

Learn about the essential boat safety equipment you should have on board at all times

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Boat Safety Checklist

Before you leave shore, take the time to read through this boat safety checklist.

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