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Boating License Safety Certification

Boating License Safety Certification

While the laws and requirements for a boating license or boater's safety certification can vary from state to state, there's no question that safe boating practices make a day spent on the water even more relaxing and fun.

Remember that not all states issue a boating license to those who pass a state-approved course though. Instead, some states issue boater education cards or boater safety education certificates.

The states of Delaware and Florida are two examples. You wouldn't be given a Delaware boating license after passing a boater safety course; however, you would be given a boater safety education certificate. Likewise, boaters who reside in Florida don't have Florida boating license requirements, but they do need to have boating safety education identification cards if they are under a specific age.

Why Get Your Boaters License?

Many states require boaters or personal watercraft operators to have a boaters license or to have passed a boater safety education course if they are under a certain age. However, even if you have been boating for years, there are reasons why you should consider taking a boating safety course to earn your boat license or boater education card.

  • Boating education courses can improve your boating skills, help you become more familiar with the boating rules of the road, and teach you how to prevent as well as handle emergency situations should they arise.
  • Boating laws can change or be updated as more recreational boats are registered and start to use our state waterways.
  • If you move from one state to another, the boating laws are likely to be different. You are responsible for knowing and following the boating laws in your new state of residence. A boating education course can help you learn the state laws and regulations when you move.

Once you have checked into boating safety courses, don't forget that you need to have your boating registration paperwork on board before you head out on the water. Many states make it quick and easy for you to take a boating safety course online as well register or renew your boat registration online. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your boating license, boater education card, or boater safety education certificates.