Saltwater Tackle & Knots

Saltwater fishing tackle ranges from tiny shad jigs to giant shark hooks. Whether you're saltwater flats fishing with light tackle or deep-sea fishing using heavy tackle, many of the same saltwater fishing techniques apply. Learn how to use your saltwater fishing tackle and how to tie knots.


Saltwater Fishing Rigs

These are the most common and effective types of saltwater fishing rigs.

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Saltwater Fishing Line

Fishing line is the most important connection between you and your catch.

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Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Learn about the different types, sizes, shapes of saltwater fishing hooks available.

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Saltwater Fishing Knots

There are hundreds of fishing knots, but most anglers only need to know two basic knots.

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Saltwater Fishing Sinkers

Sinkers of different sizes and shapes can put the bait at different depths in the water.

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Arbor Knot line to reel

Basic Fishing Knots

Learn what are the best saltwater fishing knots to rig your own lines and catch more fish.

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