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Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Saltwater fishing tackle ranges from tiny shad jigs to giant shark hooks. Whether you're fishing saltwater flats with light tackle or deep-sea fishing using heavy tackle, many of the same techniques apply. Learn the best saltwater fishing knots to use with your fishing tackle.

Saltwater Fishing Tackle and Knots

Saltwater Fishing Rigs Info

Saltwater Fishing Rigs

These are the most common and effective types of saltwater fishing rigs.

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Top Saltwater Fishing Line Types

Best Saltwater Fishing Line

Your fishing line is the most important connection between you and your catch.

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Essential Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Learn about the different types and sizes for saltwater fishing tackle for hooks.

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Top Saltwater Fishing Knots Information

Saltwater Fishing Knots

Fishing tips for beginners often recommend learning these two basic fishing knots.

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Selecting Your Saltwater Fishing Sinkers

Saltwater Fishing Sinkers

The best saltwater tackle for putting bait at different depths in the water.

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Best Saltwater Fishing Knots to Learn

Best Saltwater Fishing Knots

Learn the best basic saltwater fishing knots to rig your own lines and catch more fish.

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