Fly Casting

Fly casting is about precision and practice. There are many casts you can use in fly fishing, but they all follow the same basic principles of moving the rod and line. Learn different casts that you can use in fly fishing. With frequent, regular practice, you can become an expert caster.

Fly Casting Techniques

Roll Casting

Use the roll cast when there is no room behind. Practice this cast on the water.

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Two Stroke Casting

Use this fishing casting technique when there is plenty of open area behind you.

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Tight Loop & Open Loop

In the tight loops the lines are close together in open loops widely separated.

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Haul Casting

This casting technique helps you deliver a powerful antidote to a fierce wind.

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Casting with Wind

Use this casting technique if you want to maximize your fishing time.

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Surface Techniques

Learn the basic fly fishing surface techniques, how to dry-fly fish and more.

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Fly Casting Lessons For Beginners

Fly Casting Lessons

Check these tips on what to look for when choosing a casting instructor for fly ca

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