Fishing Gear & Tackle

For many anglers, selecting, organizing and using fishing gear is almost as fun and interesting as actually catching fish. There are many kinds of fishing gear and tackle including bait and lures, fishing rigs, fishing rods and reels. To learn more about fishing equipment follow the links below.


How to Choose a Fishing Rod

A good fishing rod is probably the most important part of an angler’s fishing gear.

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Learn how to choose the best fishing reel

How to Choose a Fishing Reel

Matching the right reel to the right rod can help you become a better angler.

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How to Choose a Fishing Hook

Learn more about the different parts of fishing hooks, different types and sizes.

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Learn more about fishing hook sizes

Fishing Hook Sizes

Learn how to select the best fish hook for the bait and type of fish you want to catch.

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Best fishing hooks to use to catch and release

Catch and Release Hooks

Learn what hooks are best to use when practicing catch & release. Why use different hooks.

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Learn why barbless hooks can be useful when practicing catch and release fishing

Barbless Fishing Hooks

Learn what are barbless hooks and why these are useful when practicing catch and release.

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Fishing Weights, Bobbers and Sinkers

Learn differences between fishing weights, bobbers, sinkers, and other terminal tackle.

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Tackle Boxes and Tools

What you carry in your tackle box depends a great deal on what you're fishing for.

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How to Choose the Best Fishing Tackle

Learn more about the different types of fishing tackle and lures used for fishing.

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Backpack tackle boxes make it easier for you to transport fishing gear

Backpack Tackle Boxes

Learn about the advantages and features of these types of fishing tackle boxes.

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Types of Fishing Line

A strong fishing line provides the connection between you and the fish.

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Learn about the different types of fishing pants available

Types of Fishing Pants

Pick the right fishing pants for the type of fishing you plan to do. Get tips and more.

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Learn how to fish from a kayak to catch more fish in shallow, secluded spots

Kayak Fishing Gear

Learn what type of kayak fishing gear you need to get started fishing. Kayak safety gear.

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Fishing Kayak Accessories

Learn about kayak fishing gear that can take your angling experience to the next level.

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