Best Fishing Rods

Whether you want to catch largemouth bass at a nearby lake, or explore deep ocean waters for wahoo, you'll want the best fishing rods for the job.

Fishing Rods for Freshwater

When learning how to fish is good to learn how to choose a fishing rod for freshwater fishing, first consider the species you'd like to catch, and then think about your preferred fishing methods or techniques.

For example, do you like to quickly retrieve crankbaits while fishing for largemouth bass? Or, do you prefer using curly tail jigs to fish for crappie? Asking yourself these types of questions will lead you to the best fishing pole for your needs.

Best Freshwater Fishing Rods for Panfish

Ultra-light fishing rods are made for use with light lines (4 to 8-pound test) and smaller freshwater fish. These types of rods are ideal for species such as panfish or trout because they are made with lightweight graphite. The best fishing pole for panfish will have plenty of sensitivity so that you can feel even the slightest nibbles on your line.

Best Fishing Rods for Bass

The best rod and reel combo for bass fishing will depend on the types of lures or baits you like to use. You can consider using a medium-heavy baitcasting rod if you prefer to fish with spinnerbaits and swim jigs with single hooks. Although, if crankbaits are your lures of choice, you may want to consider a medium power rod that flexes a bit more when the fish is hooked.

Fishing Rods for Saltwater

The best saltwater fishing gear will have corrosion-resistant components, and the best saltwater rods are no exception to this rule -- particularly when referring to reel seats and guides. Learning how to choose a fishing rod for saltwater fishing isn't complicated. Just as when choosing the best fishing rods for freshwater, start by thinking about the fishing techniques you plan to use.

Will you be jigging offshore for grouper? Or, do you want to catch spotted seatrout on the grass flats? One technique requires a heavy-action fiberglass rod with plenty of backbone, the other usually calls for a medium-light action rod made from graphite.

Best Saltwater Rods for Inshore Fishing

The best saltwater rods for inshore fishing are generally lightweight spinning rods that have been made for distance casting. These types of rods are usually made with either graphite or carbon fiber so they offer greater sensitivity for feeling subtle bites from species like sheepshead or spotted seatrout.

Best Saltwater Rods for Offshore Fishing

Offshore rods are made for pursuing big fish on heavy tackle. They are shorter and stiffer than inshore rods to give you more leverage when fighting larger fish out in open water. Offshore fishing rods are most often made from fiberglass, which is more durable than graphite. These types of rods are made in different models for trolling, vertical jigging, and deep dropping.

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