Types of Saltwater Fishing

From Maine to Washington state there are amazing saltwater fishing locations on the U.S. coastlines, where anglers can find different types of saltwater fishing from deep sea fishing to backwater fishing to bays and estuaries. Check here for some of the best saltwater fishing locations available


Saltwater Pier & Surf Fishing

Saltwater pier and surf fishing is a great way to start saltwater fishing.

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Complete Surf Fishing Resource

Surf Fishing

Find information about fishing from shore, suggested saltwater fishing tackle and more

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Expert Surf Fishing Tips to Learn

Surf Fishing Tips

Get fishing tips and techniques to help you catch fish from a shoreline, jetty, pier.

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Learn to Go Pier Fishing Like a Pro

Pier Fishing

Find more information about how to fish from a pier, get fishing tips and more.

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Saltwater Fishing the Flats & Backwater

Flats and Backwater Fishing

Learn about flats fishing and backwater fishing. Find information on best places to fish.

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Saltwater Bay Fishing Guide & Info

Saltwater Bay Fishing

Reefs, hills and shallows are some the best saltwater fishing locations.

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Expert Info for Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

The best saltwater fishing locale for finding big game fish is out on the open ocean.

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Guide to Pier Fishing in California

California Pier Fishing

For a unique California fishing experience, give these saltwater fishing spots a try.

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Deep Sea Fishing Destin, Florida

Florida Deep-Sea Fishing

Destin offers some of the best saltwater fishing in Florida for offshore anglers.

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How to Deep Sea Fish

Learn how to successfully prepare for an exciting, adventurous day of deep sea fishing.

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