Florida Deep-Sea Fishing

If you want to visit one of the top spots for deep sea fishing, it would be worthwhile for you to learn more about deep sea fishing in Destin. Destin Harbor is in the northwest portion of the state and is known for being one of the most popular places to fish in Florida.

There are plenty of marinas and boat launches in the area, so you can either bring your own boat or book a Destin fishing trip on a charter boat.

The reason for Destin's popularity is its proximity to the famed 100-fathom curve -- an area along the shallow Gulf of Mexico coastline that dramatically drops off to a depth of about 600 feet – located a mere 10 miles out from the dock in Destin. Deep sea anglers who have made the trip often report enjoying some of the best fishing in the state.

Destin Deep Sea Fishing: What To Know

There are few important things to know when planning your first Destin, Florida fishing trip. Find out about the saltwater species you can target, the fishing methods you are likely to use, and which type of fishing license you need to have.

Destin Deep Sea Species

Which fish species can you bag on a deep-sea Destin fishing trip? While you will likely have opportunities to catch red snapper, grouper, amberjack, king mackerel, sailfish or blue marlin, be sure to read a copy of the current Florida fishing laws and regulations first, so that you know about all relevant Florida fishing seasons, bag limits, and size limits that apply. Don't forget that if you are fishing beyond a certain number of miles (in Florida, beyond 3 miles on the Atlantic side, 9 miles on the Gulf side), there may be federal recreational fishing regulations to consider as well.

Deep Sea Fishing Methods

Which fishing methods are most often used when deep sea fishing in Destin? Bottom fishing and trolling are two of the most common deep fishing methods. When bottom fishing, you can use natural baits (such as squid) or try fishing with jigs. When trolling, you can try using natural baits (such as cigar minnows) or rig your lines with a skirted plug. To find out which techniques are currently working well for local anglers, just check a recent Destin fishing report.

Fishing License Information

Before boarding any Destin fishing charter boat, don't forget to check with the charter captain or fishing guide to ensure he or she has a fishing license that covers you. If not, you will need to buy a Florida saltwater fishing license prior to your trip.