Types of Freshwater Fishing

Each type of freshwater fishing presents its own set of challenges, whether it’s still water such as lakes and ponds; or moving water such as rivers and streams. Each environment has its own ecosystem and structure.


Lakes & Ponds for Freshwater Fishing

Lake & Pond Structures

Learn about the structures in lakes and ponds. Learn where to find fish, tips and more.

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River Fishing

Get river fishing tips, freshwater fishing techniques and more to help you catch more fish

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boys fishing in a canoe and catching fish

Lake Fishing

Lakes are great places for fish to live. Learn how to fish in a lake and get tips.

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Learn how to fish in a pond, get tips and more

Pond Fishing

Looking for pond fishing tips? Learn best pond fishing spots, rules, and more.

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Reservoirs & Flowages

Get helpful reservoir fishing tips, types of fishing techniques, best times to go and more

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