Washington Fishing and Boating

When you go fishing and boating in Washington, you will need to purchase either a freshwater fishing license or saltwater fishing license depending on where you plan to fish. Find all the resources you need to start fishing in Washington today. Learn more about Washington fishing licenses and boat registrations.


Washington Fishing

Get started fishing in WA today. You can purchase an annual freshwater or saltwater fishing license.

Get a Washington Fishing License

Buying a fishing license is the first & most important step for any angler. Get more information.

Washington Boating

You can go boating in Washington on one of the state’s many freshwater rivers, lakes, and reservoirs

Register A Boat In Washington

Registering your boat is easier than you think. Get information about how to register your boat.

Fishing and Boating Events in Washington


Adult (steelhead) trout spawning

Fish spawning and egg collection; typically mid-April through mid-May. Specific dates may change, depending on number of fish available, readiness to spawn, and meeting broodstock collection goals. Specific date(s) vary yearl...

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Chinook salmon smolt release

Nearly 2 million Chinook salmon smolts are released into the Tsoo-Yess River from the hatchery. Specific date(s) vary yearly. Please call ahead to confirm dates and times.

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Fish Ladder Opens

Ladder opens in spring, usually on or around May. Opening of fish ladder will bring adult spring Chinook on station for viewing in the fish ladder and adult holding pond. Specific date(s) vary yearly.

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