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Fishing Kayak Accessories

Fishing Kayak Accessories

Once you have some experience fishing from a kayak, you may decide to use a few additional accessories that can make your trips more enjoyable.

You already know how to select kayak fishing gear essentials based on the type of fishing you like to do, but there are fishing kayak accessories that go beyond the gear basics. Once you have some experience fishing from a kayak, you may decide to use a few additional accessories that can make your trips more enjoyable. Just remember, two of the biggest advantages of kayak fishing are simplicity and portability, so you should still keep your kayak fishing gear to a minimum.

Kayak Fishing Gear: Beyond The Basics

When selecting additional gear for kayak fishing, think carefully about how and when you will use each item. You always want to consider the weight capacity of your kayak so that you don't run the risk of overloading it. Besides, you'll soon discover that fishing from your kayak is much easier once you figure out which select pieces of gear you need and where to store each piece -- it's all part of learning how to kayak fish.

Paddle Leash: A paddle leash will keep your kayak paddle tethered to your wrist or to the deck rigging of your kayak while fighting a fish. If you use a paddle leash and your paddle slips off of your kayak, you won't have to worry about losing it.

Landing Net: A silicone rubber landing net will make it easier for you to successfully land your catches from a kayak.

Dry Bag: You may want to use a dry bag to store your electronics, food, wallet, or a change of clothes while kayaking. Most dry bags are made of waterproof material and have a roll top closure to keep water or moisture out.

Trolling Motor: Many kayak models can accommodate the use of an electric trolling motor. A trolling motor can be helpful if you want to troll with lures from your kayak, or if you get tired and it becomes difficult to paddle against the current. If you consider adding a trolling motor to your kayak, you will also need a marine battery and a motor mount.

Lidded Kayak Crate: If you want additional storage for your kayak fishing gear and tackle, a lidded kayak crate can be particularly useful. You can install a kayak crate behind the seat of your kayak for easy access to your tackle boxes or fishing tools.

Drift Chute: If you are learning how to fish from a kayak in areas that have heavy wind or current, you may want to use a kayak drift chute (sometimes referred to as a drift sock). A drift chute creates drag or resistance in the water to control your kayak's drift speed and fishing angle..

Camera Mount: You can install and use a camera mount so that you can capture photos of your catches with a waterproof camera. Camera mounts are popular fishing kayak accessories that consist of a pivoting mast. Your camera attaches to the top of the mast, while the bottom of the mast attaches to a gear track on the deck of your kayak.