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Backpack Tackle Boxes

Backpack Tackle Boxes

Backpack tackle boxes (or fishing tackle backpacks) are a good option for anglers who like to fish in remote areas or combine fishing with other outdoor activities, such as hiking.

Angler backpacks may be the best fishing tackle bag option for transporting fishing gear and tackle when maintaining the use of both hands is vital. With a backpack tackle box, anglers are now free to navigate along the edge of a mountain stream to find the best spots to fish for species like rainbow trout , head to the beach to try your luck at saltwater fishing from a sandy shoreline or grab a paddle and board to give SUP fishing a shot . 

Backpack Tackle Boxes: Features

Fishing tackle backpacks usually include far more features than those included in standard backpacks. Soft tackle box manufacturers generally offer a variety of specialized fishing accessories that help make tackle and gear organization simple. In fact, you can even find backpack tackle boxes that are equipped with LED lighting if you like to fish at night. Other common features include:

  • Plastic tackle trays
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Holder for pliers
  • Foldout lure storage pockets

Backpack Tackle Boxes: Advantages

There are quite a few advantages to using backpack tackle boxes, particularly if you are a new or beginning angler. Not only do they allow the new angler to keep both hands free, they help beginning anglers stay well organized while storing their gear within easy reach.

Choosing a fishing tackle backpack over other types of fishing tackle boxes makes it easier to access remote areas without having to locate surfaces to place traditional hard plastic or metal boxes. These fishing tackle backpacks can also be convenient when fishing in a small boat, kayak or canoe where floor space is limited since its form is somewhat flexible.

However, a backpack tackle box can only hold so much fishing gear. That’s why it is always a good idea to take inventory of your gear and tools before each trip so that you limit what pack to what you need for a successful day on the water.