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Types of Fishing Pants

Types of Fishing Pants

Wondering what kind of fishing pants will be the most comfortable and practical for a day on the water? The answer will depend on the area where you plan to fish and the type of fishing you plan to do.

Quick Dry Fishing Pants

If your ideal day on the water means sight casting for redfish from an inshore flats boat or slow-rolling a spinnerbait for largemouth bass on a freshwater lake, then a pair of quick dry fishing pants will be one of your best choices. Most quick dry fishing pants come in versatile technical pant styles or convertible styles.

Quick dry fishing clothes are made from fabrics such as nylon, which are breathable and lightweight. These materials will help keep you cool when fishing in warm climates or conditions while wicking moisture and perspiration away from your skin. There's no need to worry being damp and uncomfortable after a splash from a boat wake or light rain shower because quick dry fishing pant fabrics allow moisture to evaporate quickly.

Wader Pants

Wader pants are most often used when fly fishing for species such as trout or smallmouth bass in freshwater rivers, streams or creeks. Although, wader pants can be used when wade fishing the saltwater flats during the winter months as well. When deciding which type of wader pant will be best, you will want to consider the water temperature and depth.

Wader Pant Material

Waders that are made from neoprene material will keep you warm and are particularly useful when fishing cold mountain streams or rivers. However, there are also waders that are made from breathable materials, which are more comfortable when fishing in warm water on summer days.

Wader Pant Styles

You can select wader pants in one of a few different styles depending on the depth of the water where you plan to fish.

  • Chest Waders are best for deep, cold water.
  • Pant Waders are a good option when fishing water up to waist high.
  • Hip Waders are of use when fishing shallow creeks.

Offshore Fishing Pants

If your fishing goals include the pursuit of big game fish like tuna or marlin in deep offshore waters, it would be wise to invest in a pair of offshore waterproof fishing pants. Offshore fishing pants are designed to keep you dry in the toughest deep sea or coastal fishing conditions -- foul weather and wind included. These pants are made from fabrics that are both waterproof and windproof, with an internal moisture-wicking layer and tightly sealed or taped seams.

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