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How to String a Fishing Pole

How to String a Fishing Pole

This guide teaches how to string a fishing pole, which includes loading the reel with line and threading the line through.

Learn How to String a Fishing Pole

You just bought a new fishing rod and reel, now all you have to do is learn how to line a fishing pole or string a fishing pole. Before getting started, check the line rating on your fishing rod to make sure you have fishing line that matches the recommended weight range shown. For example, if the line rating on the rod reads "6-10 lb," you will want to use 6 to 10-pound test line.

Adding line to a fishing reel and pole won't take you long -- it’s actually a simple process that just requires you to follow a few basic steps.

How to String a Fishing Pole: Step-By-Step Instructions

Knowing how to line a fishing pole, or string a fishing pole, is important when it comes to preparing for your adventures on the water. Follow these step-by-step instructions for adding line to a spinning rod and reel

  1. Lay your fishing pole down on a flat surface and open the bail (wire arm on the reel that lifts up and down). Take the tag end of line from the spool, and run it down through the guide that is closest to the reel.
  2. Tie the line onto the center of the reel spool or arbor using an arbor knot, and then close the bail on the reel.
  3. Pick up the pole and place the spool of line on the floor so that it comes off in a counter-clockwise direction. Maintain light tension on the line by either pinching it down on the pole, or by holding it between your fingers as you turn the reel handle. Continue loading the reel until the line is about 1/8th of an inch from the edge. Cut the line to separate it from the line spool.
  4. Open the bail on your reel and feed the tag end up through the remaining guides. Start from the guide that is closest to the handle (the first of the fishing pole string guides), and run the line up through each of the remaining guides. When you pull the line through the final guide at the tip of the rod, just leave about three to four feet of line extending down from the end.

Now that your pole has fishing line on it, you are almost ready to fish. From here, all you have to do is use a strong knot to tie on your favorite fishing rig or lure.