Ice Fishing Tools

Learn more about different ice fishing tools available and how to choose the best ice fishing tools for your ice fishing needs including augers. chisels and electronic tools.


These are some of the best ice fishing tools you can use to find fish and have a succesful day on the water. 


Augers are ice fishing tools that resemble giant cork screws. These fishing tools have spiraling sharp edges that operate like hand drills to make holes in ice. For extremely thick ice, power augers that run on batteries or small gasoline engines are available and make creating holes much easier.

However, power augers tend to be heavier than their manual counterparts and must be carried along with the rest of your ice fishing supplies so don’t forget to consider issues like weight of your ice fishing gear when choosing the best ice fishing tools for your needs.


A chisel (sometimes called a spud) is a long-handled blade that comes to a point on one side. This item of ice fishing equipment can be used to chip into the ice or make holes in thinner ice.

It is also good to bring a slush scoop or some sort of deep ladle. A slush scoop has holes in it and allows you to scoop excess ice and slush out of your fishing hole.