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Ice Fishing Electronics

Ice Fishing Electronics

Electronic ice fishing equipment have become standard items in ice fishing. Today, ice fishing electronics are so common that they can be found most places ice fishing supplies are sold.

Ice Fishing Electronics

Many ice anglers today opt to use electronic tools for locating fish. For one, it saves time searching for the fish in cold environments, instead allowing you to seek the terrain ahead of time. Here are a few examples of ice fishing electronics used by ice anglers.


A GPS is great for marking your fishing spots for future ice fishing adventures. GPS is also helpful in navigating if you have taken a snowmobile or vehicle to your fishing location.


Flashers are sonar devices that reveal objects within your water column on a circular screen. Like ice fishing depth finders or ice fishing fish finders, flashers can help you identify if there are fish within your fishing hole location and at what depth. A flasher should also be able to pick up your line and bait if dropped simultaneously. This helps you to see if you bait is attracting any motion (fish) under the water.

Ice Fishing Fish Finders

Today’s ice fishing fish finders contain improvements over earlier models that used to be susceptible to freezing LCD screens. Some ice fishing fish finder manufacturers solved the problem by adding heaters to the screen; others chose to utilize LED lights instead. Ice anglers who are unfamiliar with reading flashers often opt for this solution.

Underwater Cameras

Finally, some anglers will use underwater cameras, providing a live image of what is happening under water. This helps anglers better understand fish behavior.