August 2018

Travel Fishing Tackle: 5 Tips To Get Your Gear There Safely

Tips for traveling with fishing tackle and gear. Prepare early and get your gear there safely.

5 Deep Sea Fishing Knots: Which To Use When

List of deep sea fishing knots to use in different situations, different types of materials. Why you should learn how to tie best deep sea fishing knots

10 Great places to go Fishing in San Antonio, Texas

The best places for fishing in San Antonio, Texas. Catch catfish, red drum, trout and more in the lakes of Texas.

Toccoa River Fly Fishing Tips

Northern Georgia has great fly fishing opportunities in the Toccoa River. 

Great fishing in heart of Minnesota’s Metro area

People interested in trying to squeeze-in a little more fishing before school starts should give the Minneapolis-St. Paul area a try. It features many outstanding fishing lakes plus three major rivers. It is also home to one of the Vermillion River, a high quality trout stream.   

Inshore Saltwater Fishing: 10 Tips for Beginners

List of inshore saltwater fishing tips for new anglers. Where to purchase a saltwater license, which inshore saltwater fishing spots are best, gear to use, checking tides, which baits to use

What To Do When Reporting Boat Accidents

Accidents happen. And boating accidents are required to be reports if severe enough. 

How To Get an Out of State Fishing License

But before you take off on your next angling adventure, you must know the fishing license requirements of your destination. Here are some tips for purchasing an out of state fishing license. 

5 Saltwater Fishing Hacks You Should Be Using

Use a few handy saltwater fishing hacks so that you can spend more time catching fish, and less time prepping or rigging.

Female anglers kickoff “Making Waves” at ICAST 2018

The world’s largest sport fishing trade show in Orlando, Florida made way for female anglers from across the nation to join in a rally to kick off the women “making waves” initiative.

Fish Contamination Awareness: 4 health safety tips

As with most foods, fish can be contaminated so it is important to reduce the health risks.

How Boating Affects the Environment: 6 Tips for Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Learn how boating affects the environment. Conservation and boating tips to help boaters reduce their environmental impact and preserve natural resources. 

5 Popular State Parks in Minnesota to go fishing

Minnesotans residents can fish without a fishing license in dozens of state parks, including Mille Lacs Lake, Lake of the Woods and other famed fishing waters. The no license necessary regulation at most parks means this is an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy fishing. 

Los 10 mejores lugares aprobados por mamá para pescar y navegar

Los 10 mejores lugares para pescar y navegar es una lista hecha para mamas, por mamas. 

Top 10 Mom-Approved Places to Fish and Boat

Top 10 Mom-Approved Places to Fish and Boat is a list made for moms, by mom featuring the 10 best places to fish and boat with the family across the country.

Basic Seamanship: How to Boat Better

Examples of basic seamanship skills that contribute to safety, confidence on the water. Get a list of sample boating skills and seamanship objectives to learn

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