February 2017

Best Ice Fishing In The World

Learn about the best ice fishing in the world. Find out which destinations are known for perch or walleye, how to catch fish through the ice, best techniques

More Pre Spawn Bass Fishing Tips

Pre Spawn is an early bass behavior. By monitoring this activity, anglers can have a better idea where to find bass and what they will hit.

Tips to catch trout this season

Don't shy away from trout fishing in the winter.  Layer properly, adjust your techniques and head to the streams.  Nothing quite beats landing trout in the offseason.

Finding Local Fishing Tournaments For First-Timers

Local fishing tournaments can be a good way for first-timers to get experience with competitive fishing. Find out about the best fishing tournaments near you.

Winter Trout Fishing Tips

If you know where to look and what to cast, trout can be caught all winter. Here are three important winter trout fishing tips.

5 Pre-spawn bass fishing tips

It's best to leave spawning fish alone, and that's what makes fishing for pre-spawn bass so much fun.  The water is warming, the fish are hungry, and the topwater action can be hot.

8 Tips For Crappie Fishing In Winter

If you stay flexible, crappie fishing in winter can be rewarding. Learn about the type of gear, baits and techniques to use when targeting cold weather crappie.

Check Out Local Fishing Tournaments

There are many types of fishing tournaments. If you enjoy fishing competition, a brief search should reveal one near you.

How to maintain a fishing boat in the winter

Periodic checks on your boat in the winter can save a lot of time getting ready to splash come spring.

Choosing the Best Life Jacket for Fishing

Life jackets are a key part of boating safety. Learn what features to look for in fishing life jackets and how to adjust your life jacket for a proper fit.

Miami Boat Show: Planning Your Visit

Boat shows are a great way to learn about new boat models and features. Learn about how to plan your trip to the Miami Boat Show using a few simple tips.

How to Read a Fishing Report

Fishing reports can be a great source of information, if you know what to look for and how to use them. Here’s why:

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