Multihull Cruisers

Multihull cruisers usually have two hulls and are more commonly called catamarans.

Multihull Cruisers Details

Average Length: 16 to 30 ft. 
Capacity: 8 
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine, stern-drive engine 
Trailerable: Yes 
Hull Type: Catamaran, multihull 

Multihull Cruisers Are Perfect For Pleasure Boating

Multihull cruisers usually have two hulls and are more commonly called catamarans (two-hulled) or trimarans (three-hulled). They offer a wide, stable boat with a ride sometimes softer than vee-bottom hulls. A wide, airy main cabin is the trademark of catamaran cruisers along with lots of deck space for sunning. They typically offer onboard sleeping accommodations, plus ahead and galley. They are fuel-efficient and make excellent boats for saltwater and freshwater fishing, plus scuba diving adventures, long-range cruising and island hopping.

One of the most popular makes of boats these days is the multihull cruiser, both for its simplicity and for its ability to provide a lot of value in one pleasure craft. The clever design pairs two (or sometimes three) V-shaped hulls created to cut through the water. These are joined with a wide, sturdy deck that serves as a roomy place for pleasure boating, fishing or just a simple excursion.

Activities You Can Do With Your Family On A Multihull Crusier

Some multihull cruisers have a wide, flat deck. It's almost like taking a dock out for a drive. People can jump right off the side. Other versions have cabins or cockpits to provide some shelter, but most designs are very open. They are known for being perfect for sunbathing. The speed allows them to get to favorite freshwater fishing spots. Their stability, created by balancing on the two or more hulls, is appreciated by anglers. Larger crafts can be taken for extended trips. A cabin cruiser, for example, has sleeping arrangements and can be taken on overnighters or on longer saltwater fishing expeditions.

Advantages Of A Multihull Cruiser

Long, narrow, V-shaped hulls are among the fastest on the market. Multihull cruisers were born from the desire to have a roomy deck to move around on while still having the benefit of speed. The deck, usually having a cabin or cockpit, joins the multiple hulls and makes for a more comfortable experience. The V-shaped hulls create little drag and not as much water displacement, given the size of the boat. This promotes fuel efficiency and cleaner handling.

Advice From Experts

Some say the handling on a multihull cruiser is a little different than that on a traditional boat, but it wouldn't take long to learn to make up for the differences. Additionally, the vehicle has a nice combination of being spacious while having the ability to easily navigate corners that larger boats generally have trouble with. Sometimes there is a motor on each hull, but some manufacturers are selling single-motor catamarans. If the cruiser has three hulls, it's called a trimaran. These are more common on sailboats than powerboats, though.

Why Buy This Boat

Boat enthusiasts claim this craft is fast and fuel efficient. Measuring around 16-30 feet, it's got enough space for comfort. It can be used for swimming trips or scuba adventures. And, of course, it is a favorite for fishing in any kind of water. Everything above deck is made for you to enjoy your time on board. Everything below deck is designed for speed, fuel efficiency and maneuverability.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about multihull powerboats boats in our next section.