One Day Fishing License

If you want to try fishing for one day or have plans to visit another state, you can find out if a one day fishing license is available. Nearly every state offers one-day recreational fishing licenses.

If you are a visitor and want to experience the fun of fishing in a new state and place, remember that you need to find out what the out of state fishing license fee will be for the day.

Depending on where you plan to fish, another factor to consider is whether you should purchase a one day freshwater fishing license or a one day saltwater fishing license. The daily costs can be different for a one day freshwater or a saltwater marine license, so look to see which fees apply.

One Day Fishing License Exemptions

If you are wondering about fishing license exemptions, always check with the state agency in the state where you plan to fish. License exemptions are not the same from one state to the next, and these exemptions are subject to change.

Examples of individuals that may be exempt from purchasing a license:

  • Kids under a specific age
  • Veterans or active military personnel
  • Persons with disabilities

Resident seniors may also be exempt in some states; however, you will still need to check with the appropriate state agency to find out if this exemption applies. Always check with the state agency where you plan to visit or where you live if you have any questions about exemptions.

Free Fishing Day Exemption

A special type of day fishing license exception occurs on scheduled state-approved free fishing days. You can read through a list of free fishing days to find out when these days occur in every state on an annual basis. These free fishing days offer you and your family the chance to give fishing a try without incurring any license fees at all.

Buying Your Day Fishing License

If you have been searching online using terms like "where to get fishing license" and haven't found a way to buy an online fishing license for the day, don't worry. Every state page can direct you to information about what the daily fishing license cost will be and direct you to the online link or phone number where you can buy a license.

Some states, such as Wisconsin, even allow you to purchase an annual fishing license at a discounted cost if you have purchased a one day fishing license at any time during the same license year. A day license can be a good first step toward an annual or lifetime fishing license.