February 2015

Fishing Tricks and Tips

One major difference between professional and recreational anglers is the number of fishing tricks and tips up their sleeve.

6 Fishing Secrets Passed Down from the Pros

Secrets… it seems that every angler I know has a ton of them.

This Year, Learn How to Fly Fish

As cross training makes athletes better at their respective sports, learning how to fly fish will make you a better angler too.

Ice Fishing Exposed

The amount of ice fishing gear depends on your location, weather conditions, and how much you want to be on the ice.

Why it’s Important to Check on your Boat this Winter

The recent storms throughout the Northern half of the country have brought rain, wind, ice, and snow.

Favorite Fishing Tournaments

Fishing tournaments are not for everyone, but one thing is true: enter a bass fishing tournament and your skills are sure to improve.

Innovative Ice Fishing Tools to Enhance Your Adventure

Ice fishing is a fun outdoor activity, and with the aid of advanced “tools of the trade” can result in a successful catch.

“Fish here often?” A non-traditional date on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and the candy and flowers stores are hopping.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Fishing Tournaments

Many avid anglers who are passionate about fishing decide to take that passion to the next level by becoming involved in competitive fishing tournaments.

3 Fundamental Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fly fishing isn't just for anglers who live near winding mountain streams or steady flowing rivers and want to catch trout on a nymph.

The Miami International Boat Show

Most of you know why I’d like to be at this year’s Miami International Boat Show.

Fishing for Striped Marlin

How are you handling the winter so far?

5 Steps to Selecting Your Future Dream Boats

There's nothing quite like spending a day on a boat with family or friends while enjoying the feelings of relaxation that come along with the gentle rocking of the waves.

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