Bowriders are designed for lakes and inland waterways, and are very popular boats.

Bowrider Boat Details

Average Length: 16 to 28 ft.
Capacity: 9
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine,sterndrive engine,jet engine
Trailerable: Yes
Hull Type: Vee, tri

Bowriders are designed for lakes and inland waterways, and are the most popular boats in the runabout/sportboat category, thanks to the spacious seating in their open bow (front) area. Whether boaters want to ski, swim, fish or just dangle their toes in the water when at anchor, bowriders are a popular boat for many recreational water sports. Sterndrive power is the norm, but outboard engines are becoming increasingly popular for power.

How You Can Equip This Boat for Fishing

Bowriders and jet boats are generally used for water sports, such as waterskiing and tubing, but they can be used just as well for a fun day on the water going fishing with family and friends. Bowrider boats have open bows, where your guests can sit to relax on the water. To use this boat for freshwater fishing, you simply have to add some of the equipment necessary. If you are just getting started with fishing, then adding coolers and fishing equipment is enough. If you want your boat to be equipped in the same way as a sport fishing boat, then you may want to add fish finders, rod holders and special seating.

Advantages of a Bowrider Boat

One of the main advantages of this type of sport fishing boat is that there is plenty of seating. Bowriders are unique among motor boats in having seating in front of the helm, so you can invite lots of friends and family to enjoy your fish and ski boat.

For freshwater fishing, a bowrider will allow you to cast off of the bow in a way that is comfortable. Unlike other types of sport fishing boats that have closed bows, these motor boats have comfortable seating instead of cuddy cabins, so you can easily sit and relax while you fish.

Advice From Experts

When you are looking at fish and ski boats, it is important to consider if a bowrider will meet your needs. A bowrider is a great boat for going out on the water for the day, but it doesn’t offer sleeping quarters that would allow you and your family to stay on it overnight or over the weekend. The powerful engines that are included on this type of boat will give you plenty of horsepower to enjoy water sports, such as waterskiing and tubing, and still allow you to enjoy the leisure of a day spent fishing.

Why Buy a Bowrider Boat

Bowrider boats are great fits for families who simply want to enjoy a day on the water and the opportunity to go fishing with friends. With either traditional engines or a jet boat configuration, these boats are versatile and will allow you to enjoy a sunset cruise, go fishing or spend a day laughing with friends as you go tubing.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about center console boats in our next section.