Cuddy Cabins

These fishing boats are nimble and maneuverable like a bowrider, and very comfortable.

If you are interested in doing more than just fishing on your new boat, then a cuddy cabin may be just the right type of boat for you and your family. A small cuddy cabin boat offers the perfect platform for fishing as well as the opportunity to experience other types of fun on the water.

Cuddy Cabin Details

Average Length: 18 to 28 ft.
Capacity: 8 
Propulsion Type: Outboard Engine, Sterndrive Engine, Jet Engine
Trailerable: Yes
Hull Type Vee

Why Fish With a Cuddy Cabin

Cuddies are ideal for providing comfort without sacrificing power. These fishing boats are nimble and maneuverable like a bowrider, but a closed deck over the bow area allows a cozy sleeping area with limited plumbing for toilet, sink and cooking. They are most often powered with stern-drive engines but outboard power is becoming popular, too. A sunpad, swim platform and towline hook make them ideal for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding.

How You Can Equip This Boat for Fishing

Cuddy cabin boat manufacturers design these boats with versatility in mind. They are not only great for fishing but can be used for enjoying a long weekend on your boat, tubing or even water skiing. If you do purchase a cuddy cabin boat and want to equip it for fishing, you can add rod holders, coolers and chairs to make fishing easy and fun.

Advantages of a Cuddy Cabin Boat

Cuddy cabins offer a closed below-deck design. Unlike the open layout of a fishing boat or a bowrider, cuddy cabin boats include a below-deck area that usually includes a sleeping area in the bow (called a V-berth), a bathroom (in marine lingo, a “head”), a sink and a small galley, or kitchen, area.

While some boat hulls are designed to sit on the water, the type of boat hull used in a cuddy cabin boat will allow you to cut through the water quickly enough to jet ski, but will still be stable enough to enjoy a day of fishing.

Advice From Experts

Experts say to pay attention to the type of power that you choose for your cuddy cabin boat. You do have a choice. While most types of fishing boats use outboards, a cuddy cabin can be powered by an outboard engine, an inboard-outboard configuration (called an I/O) or a jet. Think about how you would like to use your boat and make sure you have enough power for your most fun days on the water.

Why Buy a Cuddy Cabin Boat

Spending the day on your boat will be easy. Even the best fishing boats can leave some creature comforts behind, but with swim platforms and areas to enjoy snacks and drinks on the back platform, you will be sad to see the end of your day on your cuddy cabin boat. A cuddy cabin boat can be a great option for families who want to have fun on the water and spend weekends on the boat, but who still want to have the option to fish. With sleeping quarters, powerful engines and tow hooks for tubes, you’ll love your cuddy cabin boat.

Don’t forget to register your boat, and check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about fishing deck boats in our next section.