Fishing Deck Boats

Deck boats offer a huge seating area, has multiple functions, and is ideal for families.


Average Length: 18 to 28 ft. 
Capacity: 14 
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine, stern-drive engine, jet engine 
Trailerable: Yes 
Hull Type: Vee, cathedral, tunnel-vee 

Are Deck Boats Right for You?

From fishing to tubing to cruising, when you and your family want to do it all, a deck boat is a good fit. Deck boats offer a huge seating area, often rivaling that of a pontoon boat. But they typically have a fast, maneuverable vee-bottom hull that skims over the water much like a bowrider. With a variety of engine packages available, you'll have plenty of juice for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding, or just heading toward the horizon on a long cruise.

The distinguishing characteristic of a fishing deck boat is its broad, smooth front. Instead of the sharp point associated with faster boats, the front of a fishing deck boat is rounded. Inside this rounded front is a space for seating or fishing, which gives riders a close-up spot on the water. The goal here is comfort. Everyone can have a seat and talk while looking out over the waves.

Activities You Can Do With Your Family On A Fishing Deck Boat

There are few boats that are better equipped for family fishing than a fishing deck boat. Having the kids or grandkids right by your side as you cast off is a recipe for making memories. There is enough room for a dozen people to safely and comfortably spend the day together. However, these are built for speed as well, making them able to engage in water sports. These boats are powerful enough to pull family and friends on skis or wakeboarding boards.

Advantages Of A Fishing Deck Boat

The main pull of a fishing deck boat is the ability to have a good group of people on board for a good time. Some can even accommodate up to 14 people. They provide a nice mix of the features of sport fishing boats and ski boats. That's because they have the sturdiness and wide open areas to facilitate a relaxing day of fishing and the speed to handle an exciting day skiing.

Advice From Experts

If you are looking for a fish and ski boat, a fishing deck boat is a good option. These boats provide a good mix of power and comfort. Many manufacturers offer customization options. Rod holders, satellite radio, fish finders and more are often available as upgrades. They also come with storage areas for fishing equipment or skis. Many also come with small bathrooms.

Why Buy This Boat

These tend to be pretty low maintenance. The manufacturers of these boats expect a lot of heavy use, whether its for fishing or for entertaining. So the equipment and seating are made to be mildew-resistant and easy to clean. There is also some real versatility here. There is no reason fishing deck boats can't be out on a long fishing expedition one day and then entertain friends and family the next day. There are a lot of places to sit in these boats, which measure in the area of 18 to 28 feet. Combine this with storage areas throughout and you get a lot of boat for that size.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about dinghies in our next section.