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Broomtail Grouper

Broomtail Grouper

The broomtail grouper reaches up to four feet in length and can grow up to 100 pounds.

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Bay, Ocean

How to identify a Broomtail Grouper

The broomtail grouper is characterized by its overall light brown coloration, with elongated dark brown blotches on its face and sides that show a clear spot in the middle, giving them appearance of "lipstick kiss marks." The broomtail grouper's gill covers are notched and strongly serrated. The tail fin is jagged with streamer like edges, for which the fish is named.The broomtail grouper is a member of the Serrandae family which also includes sea bass and other grouper species. The broomtail grouper reaches up to four feet in length and can grow up to 100 pounds.

Where to catch Broomtail Grouper

These hardy fish can be found over rocky reefs at depths varying from 10 to 200 feet within the water column. In the Western Pacific Ocean, the broomtail grouper is found from California down into Baja Mexico as well as mainland Mexico.These fish are stout fighters and often occur from mangrove areas inshore to hard bottom areas of the continental shelf and the slope. During their spawning season, this species prefers mangrove estuaries. Adults and juveniles occur simultaneously in shallow water with only the adult fish of the species travel offshore into deeper waters. The following list includes additional details on where to catch this fish:

how to catch Broomtail Grouper

The following are fishing methods used to catch this fish:

Broomtail Grouper lures, tackle & bait

The following are lures, tackle or bait that can be used to catch this fish:

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