Braid to Braid Knot

Tying a braid to braid knot can be helpful if your fishing line gets frayed, if it breaks off on structure, or if you get a wind knot that can't be untangled.

When to Use a Braid to Braid Knot

If you are learning how to fish, you will find that there are some situations that may require you to tie a braid knot to connect or re-connect your line. For example, you might need to tie a braid knot if you get a wind knot that can't be untangled, if your line gets frayed against sharp oysters or rocks, or if your line gets hung up on structure. There are a couple of different braided knots you can use if this happens.

Double Uni Knot for Braided Line

You might already be familiar with a single uni as a braid to hook knot, but the double uni knot is one of the best fishing knots for connecting braided line. Now that you know which situations might require you to tie braid to braid, you can practice tying the double uni knot.

There is one modification you may want to make in order to ensure your braid knot remains tight and strong under pressure. Follow the steps to tying the double uni knot, but make eight wraps in the second step to give the knot with additional strength.

Blood Knot for Braided Line

The Blood knot is used for connecting two lines of similar diameters, making it another good option for connecting braid to braid (also works for fishing knots braid to leader). This knot is also used by fly anglers for building fly fishing leaders since it is a sleek, symmetrical knot.

  1. Place the two lines together with working ends opposite each other.
  2. Wrap one of the working ends around the other five times. Pass the active working end between the two lines, and then pinch the lines with your thumb and finger to maintain a gap.
  3. Wrap the working end of the second line around the first five times. Insert the new active working end between the two lines opposite of the first. Make sure that the two lines enter the gap in opposite directions.
  4. Lubricate the knot and pull on both tag ends in opposite directions.
  5. Trim the tag ends and test the knot.

Now that you know how to tie a braid to braid knot, check out a few more braided line knots for connecting braid to fluorocarbon or monofilament.