Fishing Knots and Rigs

Fishing knots are special knots that help ensure your tackle does not come off your line while fishing rigs are the combination of the hooks, swivels, sinkers and other tackle added to the end of your line. Get started today with these instructions and videos on fish knots and knot tying.


Learn how to tie fish knots easily.

Easy Fish Knots

Here are four easy knots every angler should know and tips on how to tie them.

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An arbor fishing knot is the best type of knot to use for securing your line to your reel

How to Tie an Arbor Knot

Find out how to tie the arbor fishing knot to secure your line to your reel.

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Loop Knots for Fishing

Learn how to create easy loop knots that will allow your hook or lure to move around.

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Line Joining Knots

Learn different types of knots to join two pieces of fishing line, and catch more fish.

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Braided Line Knots

Learn what types of fishing knots to use for braided line, and tips for tying knots.

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Bass Fishing Rigs

Find instructions on creating bass fishing rigs as well as bass fishing tips and more.

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Fishing Rigs

Learn how to create basic fishing rigs with these easy to follow instructions and videos.

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Lure and Rig Fishing Knots

Learn some of the best knots for tying hooks, lures, swivels or weights to your line.

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Learn how to tie a Palomar knot

How to Tie a Palomar Knot

Learn how you can tie a Palomar fishing knot, the benefits of this fishing knot and more.

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