Tie a Figure Eight Knot

Use a simple figure eight knot to attach terminal tackle to your line, or tie a figure eight loop knot at the end of a rig.

Figure Eight Fishing Knots

There are two different types of figure eight knots that you can learn to tie. The first is a simple figure eight; the other is referred to as a figure 8 loop knot. While there is also a type of figure eight sailing knot, these instructions cover the simple figure eight knot for fishing and figure 8 loop knot (not the figure eight knot sailing crews might use).

Simple Figure Eight Knot

If you want to connect your lure or hook to monofilament fishing line when targeting panfish like perch or bluegill, this is an easy knot to use. Since this knot is not as strong as other types of fishing knots that are used with terminal tackle, you can increase the strength by doubling the line before you tie it.

  1. Pass line through eyelet or hook or lure.
  2. Pass the tag end around the standing line to form a loop.
  3. Pass the tag end around the front of the standing line and run it back through the first loop.
  4. Moisten the knot and tighten. Your finished knot should resemble an "8."

If you can follow these four steps, you can tie a simple figure eight knot. When you are ready to pursue larger species, practice tying one or two of the best fishing knots for lures that has a higher breaking strength.

Figure 8 Loop Knot

When you want to create an interconnecting loop system for attaching rigs to your fishing line, the figure 8 loop is a good knot to use. In other words, you can use this knot at the end of your fishing line and also at the top of a rig to build a loop-to-loop connection. This is another simple knot to tie that works as terminal connection too.

  1. Double over your line, creating a loop that is about 6 to 8 inches long.
  2. Create a second loop by bringing your initial loop underneath the standing lines.
  3. Wrap the initial loop around the standing lines, and then bring it through the second loop.
  4. Tighten the knot down by pulling both ends, and trim the tag end.

Since you just learned how to tie two new knots, why not pick up a few new tips on how to fish? Once you know how to reel in a fish like a pro, you will be extra prepared for your next fishing adventure.