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Loop to Loop Knot Connection

Loop to Loop Knot Connection

A loop to loop knot connection is one of the best ways to attach a leader to the loop on the end of a fly line.

When to Use a Loop to Loop Connection

Are you wondering when to use a loop to loop connection? Many fly fishing lines now come with pre-made loops on their ends. To create a loop to loop connection from fly line to leader, learn how to make a loop knot at the end of your leader (such as perfection loop or surgeon's end loop fly fishing knots). Then, just use the loop to loop knot to join the leader to the fly line.

Loop to Loop Knot: Fly Fishing

If you have not learned how to tie loop to loop fishing knots yet, you can start with a perfection loop knot. Once you can tie a loop knot on the butt end of the leader, the two knots can be joined in order to create the loop to loop connection. The perfection loop is just one example of a fly line loop knot that will allow you to create a loop to loop connection. You can also use a surgeon's end loop knot.

How to Create a Loop to Loop Knot Connection

These simple instructions will walk you through how to join two fly fishing knot loops together using a loop-to-loop connection.

  1. Pass the loop on the fly line through the loop on the leader.
  2. Run the end of your leader through the loop on the end of the fly line.
  3. Pull the fly line and the leader in opposite directions until the loops slide together and form a connection that resembles a square knot.

That's all you have to do! Remember, loop to loop knot fly fishing connections are a strong and secure way to join two loop to loop knots when attaching your fly line to your leader.