Double Palomar Knot

This is one of the best knots to use when connecting braided line to a hook or swivel, but it can also be used with monofilament or fluorocarbon line.

How to Tie a Double Palomar Fishing Knot

If you already know how to tie a Palomar knot, tying a double Palomar knot will be easy. The only difference between the Palomar knot and the double Palomar is that instead of making just one overhand knot with the doubled line, you will make two. This extra step provides 15% of additional strength over the original Palomar.

Double Palomar Fishing Knot Steps

Follow these simple double Palomar knot instructions to tie this knot quickly and easily.

  1. Double the line and pass the bight through the eye of your hook, lure, or swivel.
  2. Lay the tag end across the main line and make two wraps or overhand knots through the loop.
  3. Pass the bight or loop over the hook, lure, or swivel.
  4. Pull to tighten the knot down to the eye of the hook, and then trim the tag end if needed.


These are the only four steps you need to learn when tying a double Palomar knot. If you compare the instructions for "Palomar knot braid" to "double Palomar knot," you will see that there isn't much difference between the two and that both are good knots for braided line because they will not slip.