Bimini Twist Knot

The Bimini twist knot is used to form a strong section of double line when offshore fishing. It is one of the best knots to use for saltwater big game species.

When to Use a Bimini Twist Knot

Before learning how to tie a Bimini twist fishing knot, you might want to know when the best time is to use it. You can use this knot when offshore fishing to create a doubled up section of monofilament main line, to which you can then attach heavier leader sections.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Bimini twist is that it is rated as a 100% knot, which means that the knot retains 100% of its original line strength when tied properly. Another advantage is that this knot will easily run through the guides on your fishing rods. As with all fishing knots, anyone can tie the Bimini twist knot (sometimes referred to as the Bimini fishing knot) with a bit of practice.

How to Tie the Bimini Twist Fishing Knot

Now that you know when to use the Bimini twist, follow these steps to learn how to tie one of the strongest saltwater fishing knots.

  1. Double the line to create a large loop, and then place your hand in the loop to make twenty twists in line. Slip the open end over a knob or your knee, maintaining constant tension on both ends of the loop.
  2. Slowly spread the two strands apart, forcing the twists to compact and move downward toward the knob or your knee. Open the angle of the loop and let the tag end roll over the column of twists to the end of the twists.
  3. After the line is rolled down to the end of the twists, make a half hitch on the near side of the loop to lock the twists in place while maintaining tension on all lines.
  4. Further secure the knot by making three half hitches around both lines of the loop, working from the loop end back toward your knot. Tighten-up the half hitches by pulling the tag end opposite the loop.
  5. Cut the tag end to about ¼ inch.

The more you practice the Bimini twist knot, the easier it will be to tie while you are out on the water. From this point, all you have to do is attach the finished Bimini twist knot to leader material or your saltwater fishing rigs.