How to Tie a Knotless Knot

The knotless knot is often used when targeting catfish or carp because dough balls or soft baits can easily be secured to the pre-tied loop section. This knot is also sometimes referred to as a hair rig knot and is very effective when tied correctly.

When to Use a Knotless Fishing Knot

The knotless knot is one of the fishing knots that you can use to attach an eyed fishing hook to your leader while leaving a short length of line hanging below the hook to secure bait, usually dough balls or soft baits. The extra length of line which hangs down below the hook is referred to as the “hair” of the rig.

The terminal end can be looped in preparation for the bait before you start tying the knotless knot since the rig will be tied using the opposite end of the leader. The opposite or working end of the line will be passed through the eye of the hook, wrapped around itself and the shank of the hook, and then passed back through the eye of the hook.

Knotless Knot Tying Instructions

You can learn how to tie a knotless fishing knot on a fishing hook to rig dough balls or soft baits by following the steps below:

  1. Make sure a loop has been tied at the end of the line to hold the bait (use a figure of eight loop knot or perfection loop knot). Thread the working end of line through eye of hook and adjust the loop to the desired position.
  2. Double back and make five to eight wraps around the shank of the hook with the working end (starting from the eye and going toward the bend of the hook). Be sure to keep the wraps as tight and neat as possible.
  3. After the last wrap, run the working end of the line back through the eye of hook.
  4. While holding the loop end in its desired position, pull the working end tight to snug the wraps down on the shank of the hook.

These are the steps to learn and practice in order to tie a knotless carp fishing knot or when targeting catfish using dough balls or soft baits.