How to Tie a Double Uni Knot

The double uni knot is one of the best types of knots to use when connecting two lines of similar diameter. This knot is one of the strongest line connecting knots you can use when learning how to fish.

Follow these steps to start tying a double uni fishing knot quickly.

Tying a Double Uni Knot

Learning how to tie knots isn't hard; all you have to do is tie them at home a few times before heading out on the water. You can start tying a double uni knot on your own in five easy steps.

  1. Overlap the ends of the two lines to be joined. Be sure to leave enough overlapping line (about 5 to 6-inches) to make several wraps.
  2. Take the tag end of the line from the left and double back to make four wraps around both lines (if using braided line, double the number of wraps from four to eight to ensure strength), and then run the tag end through the loop that was formed.
  3. Repeat with the end of the line on the left making the same number of wraps unless tying with braided line in which you should double the number of wraps.
  4. You have now tied two uni knots. At this point, just pull the standing lines in the opposite direction so that the two knots slide together (remember to moisten your knots before tightening in order to prevent line damage caused by friction).
  5. Trim the ends of the line close to the knot and that's it. You have just tied a double uni knot.

The more you practice tying a double uni knot, the faster you'll be able to tie this strong line connecting knot. Tying strong fishing knots is an important part of learning how to fish.

Best Times to Use a Double Uni Knot

While there are many different types of knots, learning how to tie knots like the double uni knot can come in handy when connecting monofilament or fluorocarbon leader line to braided fishing line. Your two lines don’t need to be of equal diameter, but keep in mind that the connection will be strongest when the two lines are not of dramatically different diameter. You can find other fishing knots and rigs that are better when connecting lines of dramatically different diameter.

Double uni knot strength has been tested at less than 100%, but more than 90%. This level of strength makes it a popular knot with saltwater anglers who often pursue hard-running gamefish species.