April 2015

How to get a fishing license

I was recently asked if a test was needed to get a fishing license.  It struck me as somewhat odd, because the answer is no.

Catch-and-Release Best Practices

Many are familiar with the concept of catch-and-release fishing, but few know the actual techniques anglers have to use in order to inflict as little damage as possible upon the fish.

3 Reasons to Participate in a Fishing Derby

Spring fishing is now in full swing.

How to Get Your Boating License or Boater Education Card

Maybe you're a new boater and nautical phrases like "red light returning" have you feeling clueless.

Earth Day: Don’t Trash your Mother Earth

We just celebrated the Earth Day which is a form of Mother’s Day, and in this instance we should be good to our Mother Earth.  

Catch and Release. Why?

For many people who fish there are few things as rewarding as a fresh fish meal after a successful day on the water.

5 Steps for Easy Boat Registration

So you just bought a boat and are anxious for that first splash.

Trout Tradition

“The only thing better than catching fish is putting someone on fish, who doesn’t fish much.” Luke Whitcomb (12)

5 Ways to Speed Up The Boat Registration Process

There aren't many things that can beat the sight of an excited youngster reeling in a first catch or a stunning summer sunset view — some of the best benefits of boat ownership are these types of magical moments that happen on the water.

Where to Buy Fishing License: 8 Facts You Should Know

I remember a time, not all that long ago I might add, when one of the only places you could get your fishing license was at the local tackle shop.

The Fishing Report

I follow fishing reports not just from local sources, but also around the country.

The Saltwater Fishing License

No one bats an eye about a freshwater fishing license, but in recent time more coastal states have added saltwater fishing licenses to the mix.

Local Fishing Information Sources

“90% of all fishing knowledge is local knowledge.” – Noted Fly fisherman, Lefty Kreh, from 1001 Fishing Tips by Lamar Underwood

Can You Imagine Life Without a Fishing License?

Every year when I get ready to renew my Florida fishing license, I can't help but think about what my life would be like without having one.

5 reasons you need a fishing license

I told my teenage kids that the fishing season was approaching and we needed to get their fishing licenses purchased.

Purchase a Fishing License