April 2017

5 Tips for Aluminum Boat Treatment & Maintenance

A little preventative maintenance on aluminum fishing boats saves time later on. Take care of your skiff and you'll spend more time fishing and less time repairing.

How Creel Survey Questions Help Fisheries Management

Learn how creel survey data helps contribute to the conservation of our state fisheries. Find out about types of questions asked, how creel census data is used.

How Tides and Fishing Can Help You Catch Bass

Tides are predictable saltwater shoreline events that affect the feeding and location of many fish, including bass where freshwater rivers and creeks enter the sea.

Boating License vs Boat Registration

Boating season is here, and to go forward without a hitch you'll need a current boat registration and possibly a boat license. Here's the difference between the two.

Bass Fishing in Houston: 5 Area Hot Spots

Fishing in Houston can be a great experience if you know where to fish. Here are 5 area hot spots that are sure to make your time worthwhile.

5 Ways Your Fishing License Supports Conservation

Buy a license, save the planet. That would be nice, right? While not 100% accurate, there is some truth in the statement.

7 of the Handiest Fishing Boat Accessories

Fishing boat accessories can be cool, but should also add to the safety and efficiency of the boat. Here are a few handy additions.

5 Tips on How to Start Fishing for Beginners

Every angler gets started at some point, and these five points help make sure beginners want to continue to go beyond that first trip.

4 Texas Fish Species That Will Challenge Your Skills

If you want to learn more about challenging Texas fish species, read about this list of freshwater fish that are known for being anything but easy to catch.

Bass Fishing Tips for Early Spring: Location Strategy

To consistently catch bass in early spring cold water, location is critical. Here are some strategies on determining location.

7 Best Spots for Fishing in San Francisco

Urban areas aren't well known for great fishing, and that's why anglers find San Francisco to be such a special city.

7 Reasons You're going To Love Fishing in San Diego

There are many reasons to go fishing in San Diego. Learn more about the different types of fishing experiences in San Diego, what you can catch, where to go.

Did You Say There’s Free Fishing in Texas?

Anyone can fish in Texas for free, without a license, as long as it is within a Texas State Park. Want to learn more?

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