August 2017

Sheepshead Bay Fishing: New York City’s Fishing Paradise

New York City is known for many things, and the Sheepshead Bay fishing community is one of them.  Climb aboard a headboat or rent a boat for a day and sample some of the outstanding urban fishing that has defined this Brooklyn community for over half a century.

Biscayne Bay Fishing: Famous Flats for Saltwater Fishing Fans

Your Biscayne Bay fishing experience will be more successful if you pick up a few tips on how to fish this Florida saltwater spot, where to fish, when to fish.

Several Creek Fishing Tips You Need to Know

 Creeks are small and sometimes overlooked fishing opportunities. Here are some fishing tips for these diverse bodies of water.

Halibut Season is Here– Tips on How to Catch Halibut

Saltwater anglers along the West Coast are taking advantage of halibut season.  Get in on the action with these six tips.

4 Best Freshwater Fish for Alligator Gar Bait

If you want to know which alligator gar bait to use, this list of the best bait for alligator gar can help you prepare to catch this interesting species.

A Few Simple SoCal Surf Fishing Tips to Get Started

Southern California has great access to the Pacific Ocean. Here are a few things to get you started when fishing the surf. 

4 tips on how to catch Artic grayling

Artic grayling offer some of the hottest fishing action in Alaska.  They're hungry in the summer, they're aggressive, and they're perfect to catch on a fly rod.  

5 Summer Bass Fishing Tricks To Use Now

Find summer bass fishing tricks, tips that can help you catch fish on the warmest days. Learn about the places, lures, techniques to use all summer long.

What are hydrographic maps and how can you use them?

Hydrographic maps provide valuable information above and below water. Here is what you can find on these maps and how it relates to your fishing trip.

Local-Favorite Fishing Holes the Kids Will Never Forget

The kids love to fish, and we all love being on the water. All around Montana you can see signs for fishing and hundreds of angler shops, outfitters and guides.

Lugares favoritos de pesca que los niños nunca olvidarán

A los niños les encanta pescar, y todos nos encanta estar en el agua. En el estado de Montana hay muchas oportunides para actividades al aire libre, muchas tiendas de pesca, equipo y guías para pescar.

Hot spot in San Francisco: coyote lake fishing

Urban anglers always look for great fishing near home.  Here are 5 reasons that fishermen living in San Francisco go fishing in Coyote Lake.

5 Features All Ocean Fishing Rods Should Have

Learn about the ocean fishing rod features that will help you bring catches to the boat. Certain ocean fishing pole features offer durability for offshore use

5 Things Your Fishing License Does While You Catch Fish

Get examples of conservation projects that receive funding through fishing license purchases. Your license is working to help protect, preserve our fisheries

Bass Fishing for Beginners: Tips to Get Ahead of the Pack

Get simple bass fishing tips for beginners. Find out what gear to use, which baits are best, top places to start beginner bass fishing with friends, family. 

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