February 2019

10 Ice Fishing Accessories for Hard Water Success

List of ice fishing accessories for winter hard water trips. Find out about the best ice fishing accessories, to have ready, be prepared for your ice fishing trips

Saltwater vs Freshwater Fishing Rods: What to Know Before You Buy

Learn fundamental differences between saltwater vs freshwater fishing rods. Which type of saltwater vs freshwater rods to use for certain techniques, situations

Top Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Tips for Bass Anglers

Lake of the Ozarks fishing tips for bass anglers. Best time of year for Lake of the Ozarks fishing, plus spawn behavior and best baits to use.

How to Avoid a Suspended Fishing License

Find out how to avoid a suspended fishing license. Keep your privileges by knowing laws, regulations to prevent having your fishing license revoked or suspended

A Few Salmon Fishing Tips for Beginners

It may take a few tries to catch your first salmon. Here are some tips for landing this famous fish.

How To Catch Grass Carp Like a Pro

How to catch grass carp like a pro. Learn tips and tricks for finding and catching grass carp from their favorite foods to using the right tackle.

4 Species for Fish Farming in the US

Fish farming or aquaculture is a growing industry. Here are 4 species that are produced.

These 7 Waters Are Among the Best Fishing Spots in Michigan

The best places to fish in Michigan include Lakes Michigan, Erie, and St. Clair; the Pere Marquette, Manistee, and Grand Rivers; and Saginaw Bay.

6 King Mackerel Lures Every Angler Should Have

Top 6 king mackerel lures for landing big kingfish, plus tips and techniques for finding and catching kingfish effectively.

7 Great East Coast Boating and Fishing Destinations

Top East Coast boating and fishing destinations include Montauk, Chesapeake Bay, the Florida Keys, the Outer Banks, Cape Cod, Cape May, and Long Island Sound.

Catching Dangerous Fish and How to Handle With Care

Learn safety tips for catching dangerous fish and a few common species to look out for.

Ever Wondered How to Register a Boat without a Title

Sometimes the title for a boat cannot be located. To register your boat, follow these steps.

10 Reasons Why Fishing is the Perfect Valentine's Day Date

Reasons to plan the perfect Valentine's Day fishing date. Learn how relaxing, affordable, rewarding, fun a day on the water with your significant other can be

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