March 2018

Top Reasons to plan a San Francisco Salmon Fishing Trip

If you're in San Francisco and are looking to get out on the water then thick about a salmon fishing trip.  The fish stocks roared back in 2017 and this year is shaping up to be great.

4 Determining Factors for Freshwater Fish Spawning Times

Learn about freshwater fish spawning times, how to plan your fishing trip around spawning periods, why fish feed more actively during spawning season. 

Learn Info You Need to Answer “When Do Trout spawn?”

It is important to know when each species of trout spawns for angling and conservation. 

The Bassmaster Classic is happening now

Right now, near Greenville, South Carolina, there is a huge event in the fishing world.  52 of the best bass anglers are competing in the Bassmaster Classic which has often been referred to as the “Super Bowl of fishing tournaments.”

This is why Conservation Volunteers are important

Healthy marine ecosystems always have lots of fish to catch.  This summer, volunteer some time and effort to help conserve them now and for the future.

How to Make a Fishing Leader for Fly Fishing

Get easy steps on how to make a fishing leader for fly fishing. Learn how long each section of a tapered leader should be, which weight line to use, more.

Use these Potomac River Fishing Tips to catch more fish

There are many great Potomac River fishing spots as this large river flows by Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia on its way to feeding the Chesapeake Bay.

Check Boat Safety Requirements before Launching

Some boat safety requirements vary but here is a good place to start. 

Important features in the best small outboard motors

Get started gunkholing in a small boat powered by a low horsepower outboard.  You'll catch some fish while learning many of the necessary skills needed for a lifetime of fun on the water.

Find the Best Jon Boat for Fishing

Learn which features to look for when selecting the best jon boat for fishing. Fishing jon boats offer certain advantages for beginning boaters, anglers. 

Learn How to Catch Bullheads with these Fishing Methods

Bullhead catfish are easy to catch if you just remember two things: bait and bottom.

5 Barracuda Fishing Tips You Can Use Now

Learn barracuda fishing tips. Find out where to look for barracuda, type of tackle to use when fishing for barracuda, how fast to work your barracuda lures

3 Important Characteristics of the Best Live Bait for Bass

Live bait for bass can vary greatly, but the best live bait usually takes into account these factors.

Get ready for the Clear Lake Fishing Tournament in California

Clear Lake, California fishing is so good that it plays host to a pro am largemouth bass tournament as well as a catfish tournament.  Sharpen your hooks, start your engines and compete for prize money.

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