October 2019

Trolling crankbaits an easy, effective way to fish in Minnesota

Trolling crankbaits is an easy and effective way to fish, including fishing for walleye during autumn in Minnesota. It’s a great way to cover a lot of water in a fairly short time. 

How to Get Rid of Fish Smell on Your Boat

List of tips on how to get rid of fish smell on your boat, including how to get rid of fishy smell in boat areas like your anchor locker, hatches, more

The Best Boating Spots You’ve Never Heard Of

The best boating spots you’ve never heard of. Hidden gems across America, perfect for your next boating adventure.

How to Choose a Fishing Boat for Inshore Saltwater Trips

Basic tips on how to choose a fishing boat for inshore saltwater spots. General description of common inshore boats, drafts, lengths, other helpful information.

5 Fall Boating Adventures by State

Five fall boating adventures to check off this season and the best states for them. Enjoy the cool weather and fall foliage views from the deck of a boat.

5 Places to Learn Hands-On Safe Boating for Beginners

List of safe boating for beginners resources, where to learn boat handling, rules of the road. How to find hands-on boating for beginners courses near you

3 Ways How to Make Fishing Lures

There are several ways that you can make unique fishing lures. Here’s how:

Minnesota Muskie Lure Shopping Made Easy

Muskellunge lures come in many different sizes, styles and colors, and the most popular lures can be pricey. Read this blog to save some money! 

10 of the Best Reasons to Go Fishing

List of best reasons to go fishing that include fishing and conservation, learning new skills, practicing patience, more benefits to time on the water

A Spooky Halloween Tale

It’s pitch black outside. You’re all alone, wandering in the darkness, when something odd catches your eye. This is a spooky Halloween tale you’ll tell for years to come.

Your Guide to Finding and Taking a Boat License Test

Here’s what you need to know about finding and taking a boat license test, also known as a boater safety education course, which is mandatory in some states.

What’s the Best Bait for Bass in a Pond? Try These Five

Depending on the season and the characteristics of the waterbody you fish, these five lure choices qualify as the best bait for bass in a pond.

Tips for Freshwater Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing reels do not function like other reels. Learn why and pick up some tips for choosing the best freshwater fly fishing reels.

October is National Fishing Month

October is National Fishing Month, the perfect time to introduce new people to the joys and benefits of fishing, while sparking a passion for conservation.

Razones Por Las Que a Los Latinos Les Gusta Pescar

Para celebrar el mes de la herencia hispana, te mostramos las razones por las que a los latinos les gusta pescar. Y a ti, ¿qué es lo que más te gusta de pescar?

8 Top Fall Fishing Spots Across the Country

List of eight top fall fishing spots across the country that are ideal for autumn family trips. Good fishing spots in best destinations to view colors

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