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Fly Fishing Hook Sizes: How Do You Choose?

Selecting the correct fly fishing hook sizes can be complex. If you’re new to fly fishing...

How to Tie a Loop in Fishing Line

Learn how to tie a loop in fishing line using one of three different knots. Each type of fishing...

Hook Choice Can Help Catch and Release Efforts

Choosing the right hook can help you both catch and release fish.

Circle Hooks: Catch and Release Fish Hooks for Consideration

The circle hook is a great piece of fishing safety gear, both for fish and angler.

7 Signs That You Might Need New Fishing Gear

Is your drag grinding? Fishing line fraying? You might need some new fishing gear. Learn 7 of the...

Catch and Release: On Your Terms

Many anglers like to harvest fish for dinner every now and then.

How to Improve Fish Hook Safety When Using Multi Hook Rigs

Depending on the regulations in your state, you may be able to fish with rigs that have multiple...

7 Tricks to Try On a Fishing Trip When The Fish Won't Bite

You have the entire family together, you've gone through your checklist of tackle, fueled up...

The Point of No Return: Check Your Hooks.

I’m a part-time river gambler. Betting that I can catch chunky smallmouth bass, I cast into...

6 Catch and Release Fishing Tools You Should be Using

You may have heard the popular saying, "let 'em go and let 'em grow" as it...

Spinnerbait time

When the temperature starts dropping and the leaves change colors, I start casting the old...


I’m not sure why but it took me so long to start using dropper rigs.

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