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Types of Boat Fishing

Types of Boat Fishing

Fishing from a boat gives you the opportunity to explore larger bodies of water, fish deeper structure, and scout out new fishing spots. Want to learn about boat fishing, including different types of boat fishing?

Types of Boat Fishing

Whether you enjoy the excitement of fishing for bass on small inland lakes, or the adrenaline rush that comes with reeling in a sailfish out on the open ocean, there are different types of boat fishing trips for every experience level. Learn more about your boat fishing options, and then start planning a day on the water.

Charter Boat Fishing

If you want to travel to another state to catch a specific bucket list species or fish unfamiliar waters, you may want to hire a charter boat to take you and your family on a private fishing adventure. In many cases, charter boats will provide all of the fishing gear and bait or lures required for the trip. This type of boat fishing makes it easy and simple if you are traveling or on vacation.

Party Boat Fishing

Available at most coastal marinas, party boats may take as many as a hundred anglers on saltwater bottom fishing or drift fishing trips that can range from a few hours to multiple days. These types of fishing trips are perfect for meeting and connecting with other anglers.

Jon Boat Fishing

Fishing from a jon boat is a no-frills experience that is ideal for new boaters who enjoy fishing small freshwater lakes or rivers. Jon boats are lightweight and durable, which makes them easy to trailer and use for exploring different freshwater fishing spots.

Drift Boat Fishing

If you like fly fishing on large, fast rivers that hold trout or smallmouth bass, fishing from a drift boat gives you the opportunity to cover miles of riffles and current in search of your next personal best catch.

Belly Boat Fishing

Small lakes and ponds are the best places to try fishing from a belly boat. Belly boats are personal lightweight inflatable fishing boats that are also sometimes referred to as "float tubes." You put your legs through the bottom of the inflatable boat, and then you paddle with your feet across the water to your chosen fishing ground.

Kayak Fishing

Fishing from a kayak is one of the best ways to explore remote fishing areas that are inaccessible to larger boats. Whether you want to try fishing from a kayak along a saltwater coastline or on an inland lake, kayaks are easy to transport and are a great way to stay active. You can quietly paddle or pedal your way to some great fishing spots from a kayak.

These are a few examples of different boat fishing experiences you can try. When you decide to buy a boat of your own to fish from, just remember to check your state's boat registration requirements.