Get a Colorado Fishing License

Colorado is home to freshwater lakes and reservoirs perfect for boating and fishing. Before visiting one of the state’s top spots, learn the requirements for a Colorado fishing license.

Get a Colorado Fishing License
Fishing License


Since fishing regulations help protect and preserve fish our state fish populations, it is important that every angler check the current set of regulations before each fishing trip. All states have a distinct set of regulations, and most regulations are updated by the season or by the month.


Imagine what a lake, pond, stream, river or the ocean would be like if there were no fishing regulations in place. Ethical angling practices not only help with conservation efforts, but also help in building a positive angling community. Do your part by taking the time to learn as much as you can about fish species, habitats, fishing regulations, and proper fish handling. If you are already applying these ethical fishing best practices, then think about how you can mentor or pass along this information to new anglers.

Fishing License Information

In Colorado, anglers can only fish free the first full weekend in June each year.

Colorado fishing licenses go on sale March 1 and are valid from March 1 through March 31 of each year. Combination fishing and hunting licenses are also available. All anglers age 16 and older must have a license.

A $10.59 Habitat Stamp is also required for both residents and nonresidents with the purchase of the first fishing license of the season for any anglers from 18 to 64 years old. Disabled people do not need a Habitat Stamp.

Where to Purchase

Purchase a Colorado fishing license online, with a sales agent, at Colorado Parks & Wildlife offices, or by calling 1-800-244-5613.


For residents 18 and older, the Colorado fishing license is $36.71. For seniors 65 and older an annual fishing license is $10.23.

For income eligible residents seniors, the Centennial Program allows for a lifetime fishing license for $10.

Residents can purchase a one-day fishing pass for $14.46 and an additional day for $7.05.

Teens age 16 to 17 can purchase a youth fishing license for $10.23. Anglers under 16 do not need a license.

A second rod stamp is required to use a second fishing rod but does not increase bag limits.

A commercial fishing license is $40. Colorado residents on active duty for the military can fish for 30 days without a license while on leave. Leave papers must be carried while fishing.

Permanently disabled Colorado residents can apply for a free lifetime fishing license. Military veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 60% of more can obtain a lifetime combination small game and fishing license. First responders with a permanent occupational disability can qualify for a combination small game and fishing license through the First Responders Program.

Colorado fish and game licenses are also available.


For nonresidents a Colorado fishing license is $102.40 annually. Licenses are also available for one day for $17.64 and five days for $33.53. Additional days are $11.28.