Raise the Tide

Become a Take Me Fishing Ambassador by supporting our message and inviting someone new to fishing. Make even more waves by becoming a “Wave Maker”!

This is how you can Support #WomenMakingWaves. These are some of our ideas in how you can share your passion with others:

1. Become a Mentor


Next time you go fishing take someone new with you: a girlfriend, a relative, a child. Empower other women to pick up a fishing pole and get on the water today. Check the Free Fishing Days this summer and attend free Fishing and Boating events in your state. 

2. Join the Conversation


Follow Take Me Fishing on social media and share your fishing and boating stories with Hashtag #WomenMakingWaves. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.com, Instagram or Pinterest accounts.

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3. Get involved with The Take Me Fishing™ Experience Pop Up Shop 


We will travel the country to provide a full fishing experience to families during the Summer. Check where and when we will be to stop by and learn more how can you support this initiative no matter where you are. Bring your family and friends and visit one of our Off the Hook pop up fishing experiences this summer!

4.Become a Wave Maker


There are many ways you can become a WaveMaker. For more information contact Bruna Carincotte, Senior Manager, PR and Social Media at bcarincotte@rbff.org.