Clothing for Ice Fishing

These are some basic items for warmth to bring on your next ice fishing trip.

  • Layered clothing. Staying warm and dry is important. Do not skip this step, even if you bring a heater. A moisture-wisking base layer, an insulated, wind-breaking middle layer, and a breathable outer shell are recommended. Changing weather conditions or a heater that quits working could end your day early if you aren't prepared.
  • Insulated boots. Wearing moisture-wicking liner socks under warm socks and good boots can keep you comfortable.
  • Scarf, hat and gloves. Keeping your hands and ears warm will help you keep your whole body warm. It's also good to bring an extra pair of gloves in case you get the other pair wet.
  • Ice cleats. These allow you to maintain traction, even on slick ice to keep your balance.
  • Ice safety picks. Wear safety picks (short plastic rods with medal picks) around your neck in case of an emergency. They are very useful if you fall in as you can quickly grab them to help you grip the ice.

Photo courtesy of Michigan Department of Natural Resources