Go Out{side} and Start Your Story

By Jessalyn Adams

Jul 26, 2021

There’s a reason why so many people love the outdoors. They simply started with fishing, camping, hiking, swimming or any other activity and nature’s beauty did the rest. The outdoors is for everyone, and your story is about to begin.

It starts with the first cast, the first hike, the first s’more— the first outdoor experience.

You step outside and surround yourself with the natural beauty all around you, and before you know it, the passion sets in.

There’s so much to see and explore.

At B.A.S.S., the wildlife and the water got us hooked. And we want others to share in the joy we feel while being outside.

Many people are starting their adventure for the first time and have no idea where to begin, and that’s where Go Out{side} comes in.

There are tips, tutorials, suggestions and more to get families active and inspired. The five sections are Fish, Cook, Camp, Explore, and Gear Up and each serves a purpose in guiding beginners to try something new.

Go {Fish} encourages families to try angling for the first time. The fishing sections at stores can look overwhelming. Professional tournaments show a more difficult side of the sport, and since people don’t know where or how to get started, we simplify it. Different techniques, from catching bass to catching fun (and delicious) fish like catfish and crappie, are broken down to inspire you to just try.


And speaking of overwhelming stores, Go {Gear Up} acts as a guide to the things you need to get started. Outdoors experts review and share their favorite items they just can’t go without. You’ll leave the site ready to tackle the aisles at Academy, Walmart or local outdoors stores and pick out what you need.

Go {Camp} dives into the different ways to spend an evening or a weekend enveloped in nature, all at different price points and comfort levels. There are tips from Go RVing if you’re interested in traveling and camping nationwide or at a local park. There are guides for how to pop a primitive tent and get a good night’s sleep inside a sleeping bag. Then, there are steps and tricks to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for the first trip or the hundredth trip.


And what is camping without food! Go {Cook} introduces new recipes that can be cooked over a campfire, outdoor grill, portable grill or prepared using no heat at all. The Go {Cook} recipes aren’t just for camping though. There are boat snacks, tailgate tips, simple backyard adventure meals and so much more.


You’ve got your gear, fishing skills and snacks ready, so now you only need a place to go. Go {Explore} and the map on the website takes care of that part. Camping Confidentials dive into everything you need to know about a state park or national park before you go. You’ll find stories about unique places, less-traveled places, small ponds and more. The map is functional and easy to navigate, too. It’s as easy as putting in your location and finding boat ramps, fishing spots, campsites and other recreational activities.


Everything on Go Out{side} is to inspire you to simply step out the door and embrace nature. Start small. Then continue working your way toward more and discover why so many people love it.

Most of all, Go Out{side} is a community. It’s beginners and experts sharing their experiences and sharing a passion for everything the outdoors has to offer.

Join the conversation on social media @GOxOutside and share your adventures with the growing community.

Check it out and start your story at Go-Outside.com.

Jessalyn Adams
Jessalyn Adams
Jessalyn grew up fishing and boating with her family on the Black Warrior River. She learned the basics of catching fish from her father at an early age. Her love for the outdoors has only grown over the years, she loves going on adventures with her family and trying new things. As a former television reporter, Jessalyn covered several stories where she gained valuable knowledge about staying safe during outdoor activities.