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Surf Fishing Tips for Beginners

Learn the basic surf fishing tips for beginners like the best time to go, where to cast a line, gear, bait and techniques.

The Proper Way to Launch a Boat From a Trailer

Here’s the proper way to launch a boat from a trailer - from arrival at an access site to backing down the ramp to driving or floating the boat off

14 Awesome After School Activities

You’ve made a back to school checklist and bought the supplies, now bookmark the after school activities to keep your kids happy all year!

Cost of Owning a Boat: 7 Key Factors to Consider

List of what to consider in cost of owning a boat. Factors that play a role, such as insurance, storage, maintenance, equipment, fuel, registration, education

The 6 Best End of Summer Fishing Trips

Whether you want National Park splendor or a chance to fill up you fishing bucket list, here are the 6 best summer fish-ing trips you can take now before the summer ends.

5 Boat Accessories That Make Fishing Trips Easier

List of boat accessories to help you fish more efficiently, keep gear organized. How to maximize time on the water with practical fishing boat accessories

How Long Does it Take to Get a Boating License?

Between the states, there are differing terms regarding boat operation requirements. For example, an actual boating license may not be needed but almost all states require some form of proof of completion of a boat safety course. Here’s more.

6 Activities To Do With Dogs

From fishing with Fido to an epic backyard photoshoot, here are 5 awesome activities for dogs that will keep them active, happy, and by your side!

Ten Keys to Live Bait Fishing Success

Live bait fishing success is dependent on much more than just choosing and hooking a bait; here are the key things to know regardless of what you’re fishing for

4 Advanced Bass Fishing Techniques to Build Your Skills

Examples of advanced bass fishing techniques to build your skills, boost your catch rate in tough conditions, switch up your usual strategy for largemouth bass

Considerations about Solar Panels for Boat Power

Electric power allows for operation of various equipment on boats. One way to maintain this power is by using solar panels. Here are some things to think about when considering boat solar panels.

Can You Have a BBQ Grill on a Boat?

A look at boat size, fuel, mounting, and assorted other considerations necessary before you put a bbq grill on a boat 

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