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Summer Camping and Fishing Essentials

Summer Camping and Fishing Essentials

By Sunshine Sol

Jul 26, 2023

List of camping essentials and fishing gear for the summer

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors, explore, relax, and partake in your favorite hobbies. All the trees are lush and green, the rivers are cool and refreshing, and the days are long and warm. It’s time to live outdoors and soak up as much sun as possible. Some of the best outdoorsy summer pastimes are camping and fishing - and that’s the perfect combo for a weekend trip! You can fish all day and enjoy the stars from your tent at night. Here are some essentials for camping and fishing during the summer.


1. Bug spray

The heat of summer brings out all the bugs that have been laid dormant by the colder months. The gnats, mosquitoes, and ticks are very active and if you spend an extensive amount of time outdoors, you’re sure to run into them. Get ahead of the game and purchase a bug spray with a high deet content so those pesky insects don’t bother you while you spend long days at the river or relax in your campsite.

2. Water

In the summer heat, it’s very easy to become dehydrated. If you’re trolling the banks of a pond for fish or swinging in a hammock in your campsite, it’s easy to forget to drink water. However, it’s very important to ensure you’re drinking plenty of liquids and electrolytes. Always bring more water than you expect you’ll need and take a sip every half hour or so. Taking the time to hydrate can help you recover after a long day in the sun and set you up for success the next day when you return to the river banks for more fishing.

3. A nice backpack

Investing in a quality backpack will make hauling your fishing or camping gear much easier. Look for a backpack with extensive storage space, breathable fabric, adjustable weight-bearing straps, lots of pockets and sectionals, and bonus points if it is compatible with a water bladder so you can stay hydrated while casting for fish. Two birds with one stone!

4. Sunscreen and sun hats

It’s important to take care of your skin while outdoors in the summer. Always apply sunscreen every morning when you’re on your fishing trip. It’s easy to lose track of time while out on the water fishing for a big catch and you can spend way more time out in the harsh sun than you’d expected. Play it safe and rock a sun hat to really double up on the sun protection!

5. Polarized sunglasses

There’s plenty of fish in the pond, but you have no clue if you can’t see them! Grab some polarized sunglasses that cut through the water and let you spot your target in the depths. These glasses also protect your eyes from the harsh light of the hot summer sun.

There are many ways to get outside this summer and enjoy nature, but one of the best combos are fishing and camping. They compliment each other very well and camping can allow you to extend your fishing trip while also having time to slow down and enjoy the woods. Don’t forget these camping and fishing essentials this summer when you hit the road for your next adventure!

Sunshine Sol
Sunshine Sol
Sunshine is an outdoor lifestyle content creator based in Virginia. She was born in the Philippines, and ever since moving to the United States she developed a love for travel. After working for the hospitality industry for several years, she created With Sunshine Sol during 2020. Along with her goldendoodle, Sancho, she travels and shares unique content on destinations, camping, hiking, gear guides, and more.